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A Natural Pain Reliever with Real Results

sports injury Pain ReleifArthri Plus is the safe, effective and all temporary natural pain reliever you have been searching for. We understand your skepticism. You have tried natural products in the past with no results and, even worse, you get them home and read the ingredients only to realize some of the ingredients are foreign to you, with names no one would be able to pronounce. So, you wonder what the word natural really means.

With our product natural pain reliever means that and is exactly that. Our product is composed of five amazing natural ingredients that will be very familiar to you. They are Eucalyptus oil, Menthol, Clove oil, Camphor and Peppermint oil. That is it, nothing more and nothing less. These incredible ingredients have unique properties on their own, but when combined become a temporary natural pain reliever that is extremely effective, safe and quick acting. It is topical temporary natural pain reliever comprised of ingredients that have been used for centuries.

The conditions this temporary natural pain reliever relieves are numerous. It helps with backaches, it helps with sprains, it helps with strains, headaches and it also provides temporary relief to people with arthritic conditions and rheumatic pains. These are only a handful of conditions in which Arthri Plus can provide natural temporary pain relief in a safe and effective way. But, don’t just take our word that this is the best temporary natural pain reliever on the market, here are some testimonials from our customers that proves it:

“I have been using ArthriPlus for 4 weeks since my Mom introduced me to it. I suffer from sinus, allergies and sleep disorder. I’m definitely feeling like a new person.  I sleep better and also it’s the first time I can breathe without sinus problem.  It’s great for anyone and I’ve recommended to many of my friends.”

“I was loosing my mind with some very strong headaches. After many visits to doctors and emergency rooms, where I was told “Everything is OK”, and to take some pain killers which didn’t help much, I was suggested by some friends to try Arthri-Plus. I can tell you that it really helped me and relieved me tremendously. I would recommend it to anybody as it really works!”


This temporary natural pain reliever has been distributed and manufactured in Québec, Canada for the past eight years. Our passion is to provide a safe and effective product. This product is so safe it can be used on children as young as two years of age. The spray formula is extremely easy to apply and is available in 150 ml with 500 and 1000 ml refills. You will receive instant results with this natural temporary pain reliever.


Join others who have discovered this amazing natural pain reliever. You can temporarily put your pain to rest as well as your fears of often wondering what are in the products you are applying to your skin. There is no mystery here. Find us at: for more information.

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