arthri plus Pain Relief SpraysOffi Canada Inc. is a multi division company marketing a variety of products here in Canada as well as exporting to many countries.

Recently, Offi Canada Inc. has been appointed by Distributions Aromes D’Espagne in Quebec to be their Exclusive Distributors and Marketers for English Canada for the unique and amazing product line.

 Is a topical, natural product formulated to treat the temporary relief of most of the bodily pains and aches of muscles and joints associated with a number of conditions such as backaches, lumbago, strains, bruises and sprains. It will also temporary relieve arthritic and rheumatic pains, as well as pain of tendons and ligaments. It is also recommended for tired and aching muscles.

has been developed in Canada and is being manufactured in Canada as well.

Offi Canada Inc. intends to promote and market  nationally and thanks to their experience in the international markets, they will promote it internationally as well.

has been distributed successfully in Quebec for the past 8 years and has relieved many people with many different painful conditions.

+Arthri-Plus is available at Metro and Food Basics Pharmacies, Rexall/Pharma Plus, Peoples Drug Marts and Walmart Quebec.